It’s with a great sorrow that F&G Aviation has ceased operations. We no longer offer flight training or airplane rental.

The flight school flew away…

Despite our effort and commitment, the financial, personal and emotional investment needed to operate a small flight school was harder and harder to justify…

Today, we’ve surrendered voluntarily our Flight Training Certificate to Transport Canada. Our airplane, the beloved C172 C-FHCF, has been sold to another flight school.

F&G Aviation has ceased operations.

We enjoyed the path and are proud of what we achieved! We learnt a great deal along the way, struggled, overcame obstacles, met fabulous people and helped a few fellow aviators to earn their wings.

There are different ways of measuring success… We might not have been able to reach our goals but at least, we can say we’ve tried! And if we are where we are today, it’s  probably because of this adventure!

We’ve always been true and honest in sharing our passion.  We would like to thank all the people who supported us, who believed in us.

We will still be around the General Aviation community, and we hope to meet you in the air or on the ground!

Blue Skies my friends!