the location

The flight school is located in Portage La Prairie, in the central plains region of Manitoba. 1h drive West of Winnipeg, Portage La Prairie is a small city within a rural environment.

Portage La Prairie – Wikipedia
Portage La Prairie – City


The Island Park in the middle of the Crescent lake offers an enjoyable and relaxing environment easily accessible by a multi-use paved trail along the lake. In summer, an outdoor swimming pool attracts tons of people, even from Winnipeg. In winter, the frozen lake, multiple arenas and inside pool at the recreational center offer a wide variety of options to exercise.

Recreational center

A multiplex recreational center is also available in Southport, 5 minutes drive to the south of the city: RecPlex


A Shuttle transportation system exists, but all necessary amenities are within biking or walking distances. For heavy groceries or travel outside of the city, a car is recommended.
A car rental service is also available in town at the Chrysler dealership


Portage La Prairie has everything that is required to live in a city of almost 15,000 people: multiple grocery stores including a Walmart, a Sobey’s and a Co-op, banks and credit unions, Tim Hortons, Fast food and regular restaurants, Manitoba Public Insurance, and many more…


Manitoba has a warm summer and a dry cold winter. temperatures range from +25/+30 degrees C in Summer to -20/-25 degrees C in Winter. According to Environment Canada, Manitoba has more than 300 sunny days a year. Of course, weather is not always perfect and can affect the training. But in general it doesn’t last long before we can be in the air again!