the facilities

The flight school is operating from a small office on Portage north airport. It’s our “operation center” where we learn, prepare a flight or simply discuss about flying!
We are proud of providing all the necessary tools required for flight planning, for pre-flight and post-flight briefings, for one to one ground lessons or even for a simulator session in a well-design and optimized space!

The structure is based on a tiny house concept: modern, modular and with a minimal footprint while offering the maximum of an organized area!



The airplane is sheltered in its own small hangar, not heated but away from the elements!  It makes the pre-flight inspection a much more pleasant experience, especially during winter!

The early version of the hanger…

… and the hangar completed waiting for its first occupant

We also rent a room in Southport, just a few miles south of the city, for bigger events like groundschool:

All in all, you’ll find everything you need to learn in good conditions with us! Practical without any useless marketing tools, we provide what is really necessary for your training experience!