Airplane Rides & Discovery Flights

Airplane rides Vs Discovery flight?

Airplane rides are basically a tour of the surrounding area, by air. You are a passanger and look out of the window! It’s a pleasant ride along for those who want to take the time to look down on Earth!

A Discovery flight, on the other hand, is a more engaged way of taking up to the sky. After a short ground briefing to learn the basics of flying, you will take the controls of the airplane for a 30minutes flight under the supervision of a flight instructor.
You’ll perform different exercises, just like a real student pilot. Be Aware though! It usually is the 1st step towards a Pilot Permit or License! Once you’ve tasted the joy of flying, you’ll get the bug and never want to go back! You will want to pursue that journey to become a pilot yourself! You’ve been warned… 😉


Airplane rides

On top of teaching how to fly, F&G Aviation also gives airplane rides for people who just want to enjoy the view from up there!
Different tours are available, from a 15minutes flight around the Beauharnois canal to a complete 1.5 hour tour of downtown Montreal!
You can also design your own tour: Let’s fly along the St Lawrence river towards Toronto or fly Northbound following the Outaouais river towards Ottawa. You have the choice!

A tour is billed by the time flown, based on a rate of $300 per hour of flight, or $5 per minute of flight. That includes the pilot 😉

The airplane is rented for the tour, no matter how many people are on board. It can accommodate a maximum of 3 persons at the same time.

For example, a 15 minutes flight for 3 persons comes down to $25 per person.

Lake Crescent Portage la Prairie

Discovery flight

After a short ground briefing on the basics of flying, you’ll walk to the airplane with the instructor. Together, you’ll make sure it is safe to go. Then on to your 1st take off! You have the controls, push the throttle forward and off you go!
Under the direct supervision of a qualified flight instructor, you’ll discover that flying an airplane is not that hard. It takes some dedication and attention for sure, but it’s not out of reach! Learn how to climb, descent and turn. Experience the freedom of evolving on the 3rd dimension. Time flies, and it’s already time to prepare for the landing. This delicate phase of flight will be done by the instructor but you are welcome to follow along on the controls… That’s it, your first flight as a pilot is over. Don’t worry if you feel the need to do it again, asap! It’s normal, you’ve been beaten by the bug… Welcome to the great family of aviators!

The 30 minutes ground briefing and 30 minutes flight cost $180.

It is a one on one experience, no passengers in the back. You are considered a student! This flight counts towards the official requirements for a Transport Canada Pilot License.

Discovery Flight



Taxes not included.
All tours , airplane rides and discovery flights will be postponed if the weather is not suitable for the flight.
Some restrictions may apply for safety reasons, depending on how many people are boarding and how long the flight would be, at the instructor’s discretion.