Our rates are based on the hour flown, meaning from engine start to engine shutdown.  All rates are DRY – which means it does not include fuel.

The same rate apply for In-flight or ground instruction as we believe instructing in the air or on the ground should not be treated differently. Both are equally important to learn how to fly properly.

A 15 minutes pre-flight and post-flight briefing are included in the hourly flight rate. Any time above that will be billed at regular instruction rate.

 Service Rate per hour
Cessna 172 rental (Dry) $110
Simulator rental  $30
Instruction – Class4/Class3/Class2/Class1  $50-60-70-80
Instruction – Owner’s aircraft  $90
Admin fees *  $80
Relocation of airplane Variable
No Show fee  $70
*PSTAR/Student Pilot Permit or Radio license or temporary License/rating

Transport Canada Fees not included –


All prices are in Canadian dollars 
Not included:
- Federal GST 5% (on all Private Pilot training and airplane rides)
- Provincial Quebec TVQ 9.975% (on Airplane rides and Airplane rental for licensed pilots)
Reminder of taxes on Flight Training:

Private Pilot Training
Dual and Solo: GST (5%)

Commercial Pilot Training
Dual: No tax.
Solo: First 35 hours no tax. After 35 hours there is GST (5%)

Other type of training/ratings
No Tax
Canada Revenue Agency
Revenu Quebec