Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)


  • 16 years old
  • A medical certificate Category 1 or 3 delivered by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiners or category 4 delivered by your family physician


  • Fly for fun in a certified airplane, a homebuilt aircraft or an ultralight
  • Fly by day only, anywhere in Canada, with one passenger
  • Add a float rating to your permit​

The Recreational Permit is perfect if you want a first step in aviation. It is ideal if you want to buy your own little airplane and fly alone most of the time. The RPP also allows you to bring one passenger aboard to share the unique experience of flying. Except for a float rating you will not be able to add endorsements such as a night or instrument rating. But if you want to upgrade later on, your experience will count toward the requirements for a Private Pilot License.

The RPP is the most affordable and realistic way to fly just for fun!

REC - Recreational Pilot Permit


​​Ground School

Not mandatory but we recommend to study the 40h PPL groundschool in order to get the basic knowledge all pilots should have (self-study or in a classroom).

Flight training time
  • 25 hours total time including:
    – 5 hours solo
    – 15 hours dual (including 2 hours of dual cross country)
  • Written test (60% pass mark)
  • Flight test

Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. On average, students need around 35 hours total time to be ready.

 Official requirements from Transport Canada


  • Your RPP hours count toward a Private Pilot License if your want to upgrade!
  • Add a float rating


Training is at student’s pace and convenience. The course can take 6-8 weeks full time, 4 months part time (at least 2 lessons a week is recommended)

The following estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums. The prices in Canadian Dollars may change anytime without notice. Feel free to consult us  for the most up to date rates.

Item Hours $/hour Total (CAD$)
Airplane rental (Dry) 25 110 $2,750
Instructor 18 70 $1,260
Simulator – dual 0  30  $0
Ground briefing 12 70 $840
Total before taxes
Taxes(5% GST+9.975%TVQ)
Total including taxes     $5,576
Additional costs
Ground school 40 $450
Books $300
Medical exam $200
Flight test examiner fee $450
Written test fee $105
Student permit/Radio license fee $80
TC licensing fee $55
Total     $7,216

Duration and cost of the training may vary depending on each student availability, on the amount of self-study provided and also on the weather conditions.

Fuel cost for flight training vary and is billed based on fuel rate at the pump.
On average, the airplane burns 30 Liters/hour of Avgas at $2/Liter. So $60/h of flight.
Add around $1,500 for fuel cost.

Duration and cost of the training may vary. Contact us for an estimate!