Our rates are based on the hour flown, meaning from engine start to engine shutdown.  All rates are wet – including fuel & oil.

No money upfront. You pay as you fly!

The same rate apply for flight or ground time as we believe instructing in the air or on the ground should not be treated differently. Both are equally important to learn how to fly properly.

A 15 minutes pre-flight and post-flight briefing are included in the hourly flight rate. Any time above that will be billed at regular instruction rate.

  Rate per hour
Cessna 172 SOLO rental  $153
Simulator solo rental  $33
Instruction – Class4/Class3  $60
Instruction – Class2/Class1  $70
Instruction – Owner’s aircraft  $85
Admin fees*  $80
Relocation to YPG fee (one way) $63
No Show fee  $70

*PSTAR/Student Pilot Permit, Radio license, License/rating, Transport Canada Fees not included

DUAL = solo rental + instruction
All prices are in Canadian dollars excluding GST 5% 
(applicable tax on Flight Training)

Manitoba PST 8% doesn't apply on instruction !
 (neither on airplane rides)
Manitoba PST 8% applies on
Airplane SOLO rental for licensed pilots.