Private Pilot Licence (PPL)


  • 17 years old
  • A Category 1 or 3 medical certificate delivered by a Civil Aviation Medical


  • Fly for fun! in a Canadian registered aircraft,
  • Fly  anywhere in the world, with passengers!
  • Add any possible ratings to your licence…

The Private Pilot Licence is often the first step toward either a career in aviation or a one of these hobbies involving small airplanes.

To expand your horizon and improve your skills, you can add many ratings on your PPL: For example a float plane rating, a night rating or even an instrument rating if you want to travel further away in poor weather conditions.

If you want to double the fun, a multi engine rating is also possible on a PPL!

With your PPL discover endless opportunities to enjoy the fun of flying!

PPL Private Pilot Permit in Manitoba Canada


​​Ground School

40h PPL ground school (self-study or/and classroom)

Flight training time
  • 45 hours total time including:
    – 12 hours solo (including 5 hours of cross country)
    – 17 hours dual (including 3 hours of dual cross country and 5 hours of instrument)
  • Written test (60% pass mark)
  • Flight test

Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. Based on our observations, most students need around 50-60 hours total time to be ready.

 Official requirements from Transport Canada


  • Maintain your competency with private/rental flight
  • Your PPL is the first step toward a Commercial Pilot License
  • Add a float rating, night rating, multi-engine rating, instrument flight rules rating


Training is at student’s pace and convenience.

The course can take 8-12 weeks full time, 6 months part time (at least 2 lessons per week is recommended)

The following estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums. The prices in Canadian Dollars may change anytime without notice.

Item Hours $/hour
(without fuel)
Total (CAD$)
Airplane rental (Dry) 42 110 $4,620
Instructor 33 70 $2,310
Simulator rental 3 30 $90
Ground briefing 20 70 $1,400
Total before taxes
(5% GST+9.975% TVQ)
Total including taxes     $9,681
Additional costs
Ground school 40 $450
Books $300
Medical exam $200
Flight test examiner fee $450
Written test fee $105
Student permit/Radio license fee $80
TC licensing fee $55
Total     $11,321

Duration and cost of the training may vary depending on each student availability, on the amount of self-study provided and also on the weather conditions.

Fuel cost for flight training vary and is billed based on fuel rate at the pump.
On average, the airplane burns 30 Liters/hour of Avgas at $2/Liter. So $60/h of flight.
Add around $2,520 for fuel cost.

Duration and cost of the training may vary. Contact us for an estimate!