Instrument Rating (Single Engine)


  • A Private Pilot License or a Commercial Pilot License
  • 50 hours of PIC cross country


  • Fly an aircraft without ground reference, following only the instrument indications
  • Single-engine instrument rating – Group3:     Fly under IFR  in a single-engine aircraft
  • Multi-engine instrument rating – Group1:      Fly under IFR  in a multi-engine aircraft

    F&G Aviation offers only a Group 3 – Single engine instrument rating at the moment.

The Instrument rating is the perfect way to extend your flying time. When the weather deteriorates, it allows you to keep flying to your destination just by instrument reference. Instrument flying applies the basic knowledge of aircraft flying you learned previously, with new challenges and new procedures. You will learn radio-navigation techniques and improve your weather knowledge.

This rating is an important step in the career of a Commercial Pilot because it will definitely extend the possible jobs you can apply for.
As a private pilot, if you wish to buy an airplane for traveling or for your business obligations, getting the knowledge and the skills of an instrument rating is a great option for safety

Experience the thrill of flying through the clouds to find blue sky on top of that ceiling that keep others on the ground !


​​Ground School

No ground school required (self-study or in a classroom)

Flight training time
  • 40 hours instrument (including PPL and CPL instrument time):
         – 20 hours maximum can be done in a simulator
  • Written test (70% pass mark)
  • Flight test

Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test.

 Official requirements from Transport Canada


  • Your instrument rating offers you the ability to fly into clouds! But it takes time to get used to it. Build your experience with higher personal limits than what is legal. Look for experienced pilots that can mentor you properly!


Training is at student’s pace and convenience. The course can take 8-10 weeks full time, 4 months part time (at least 2 lessons a week is recommended)

The following estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums. The prices in Canadian Dollars may change anytime without notice. There is no taxes on Instrument rating training in Manitoba.
Feel free to consult us  for the most up to date rates.

Item Hours $/hour Total (CAD$)
Dual 20 213 4,260
Solo 0 153 0
Simulator – dual 20 110 2200
Ground briefing 20 60 1,200
Total before taxes
Taxes(5% GST)
Total including taxes     7,660
Additional costs      
Ground school     0
Books     100
Medical exam     0
Flight test examiner fee     450
Written test fee     105
Student permit/Radio license fee     0
English Proficiency test     0
TC licensing fee     35
Total     8,350

Duration and cost of the training may vary depending on each student availability, on the amount of self-study provided and also on the weather conditions.

On average a Instrument rating – Group 3 costs around $8,500.