Instructor Rating – Class4


  • Commercial Pilot License


  • A Class 4 instructor can conduct flight training for the purpose of issuing permits and licenses under the direct supervision of Class 1 or 2 instructor
  • A Class4 instructor can teach toward an Ultralight permit without supervision

Making safe and competent pilots, sharing your passion of flight, being a role model and taking pride in your skills are a few of the multiple sides of a flight instructor. A successful instructor is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, honest and  rigorous, flexible, dedicated and willing to continuously learn. It takes a lot of various skills to make a professional flight instructor! The most important one is to like the interaction with others! Meeting people, introducing them to aviation and sending them away with a pilot license could be a rewarding career or a stepping stone to other aviation jobs.

Nothing is more thrilling than sending a student on a first solo flight and see the huge smile after this once-in-a-lifetime event!



​​Ground School

25h ground school (one to one)

Flight training time
  • 30 hours total time (5 hours can be done in a simulator) including:
    – 5 hours of instrument time
  • Written test (70% pass mark)
  • Flight test

Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. On average, students need around 30 hours total time and around 50h of ground school to be ready.

 Official requirements from Transport Canada


  • Your Class4 instructor rating is the first step to teach someone how to fly!
  • Teach all the ratings that you possess
  • Upgrade to a Class 3 Instructor and teach without supervision
  • Upgrade to a Class 2 and supervise Class 3 and 4 instructors
  • Upgrade to a Class 1 and conduct Instructor Rating training


Training is at student’s pace and convenience. The course can take 3-4 months full time, 6-8 months part time (at least 2 lessons a week is recommended)

The following estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums. The prices in Canadian Dollars may change anytime without notice. Note that due to the higher level of experience from your instructor, the dual rate is higher than a regular instructor. Feel free to consult us  for the most up to date rates.

Item Hours $/hour Total (CAD$)
Airplane rental (Dry) 25 110 $2,750
Instructor 30 70 $2,100
Simulator rental 5 30 $150
Ground briefing 25 70 $1,750
Total before taxes
 0 0
Total including taxes     $6,750
Additional costs
Ground school $0
Books $100
Medical exam $0
Flight test examiner fee $450
Written test fee $105
TC licensing fee $35
Total     $7,440

Duration and cost of the training may vary depending on each student availability, on the amount of self-study provided and also on the weather conditions.

Fuel cost for flight training vary and is billed based on fuel rate at the pump.
On average, the airplane burns 30 Liters/hour of Avgas at $2/Liter. So $60/h of flight.
Add around $1,500 for fuel cost.

Duration and cost of the training may vary. Contact us for an estimate!