Commercial Pilot License (CPL)



  • Fly for hire and reward in a single engine Canadian registered aircraft
  • Fly in good weather conditions
  • Add any possible ratings to your license to extend your opportunities

The Commercial Pilot License is the minimum level to be paid as a pilot. You must have a Private Pilot License to start your training. Professional pilots in Canada often start their career on small airplanes.  Depending of your career choice, you will have to add different ratings to your license. If you want to become a bush pilot, a float rating is a must have. If you prefer going to the airlines, you will need a multi IFR rating to become a First Officer on a twin engine airplane.

​With the CPL you start a new career and a new exciting chapter of your life!

CPL Commercial Pilot License in Manitoba Canada


​​Ground School

80h CPL ground school (self-study or in a classroom)

Flight training time
  • 65 hours total time including:
    – 30 hours solo (including 25 hours of general flying, 5 hours of night flying and a cross country of 300NM)
    – 35 hours dual (including 20 hours of instrument time, 5 hours of night flying and 5 hours of dual cross country)
  • Written test (60% pass mark)
  • Flight test
Additional experience

To have a Commercial Pilot License issued by Transport Canada the student need to have achieved

  • 200 hours total time are needed including
    – 100 hours Pilot In Command and
           – 20 hours of cross country

Some solo time building/personal flying will be required to achieve Transport Canada’s minimum experience.
All your previous experience will count (PPL training, Personnal flying, CPL training, training toward different ratings).


Those requirements are the minimums set by transport Canada to pass the flight test. On average, students need around 50-60 hours total time to be ready.

 Official requirements from Transport Canada


  • Your CPL is the first step to get paid as a pilot! Bush flying, Crop dusting, Air Taxi, Glider towing are some of the jobs you can experience with your CPL!
  • Add a float rating, multi-engine rating or instrument flight rules rating to increase your skills and job opportunities.


Training is at student’s pace and convenience. The course can take 8-12 weeks full time to 6 months part time – a minimum of 2 lessons a week is recommended.

In order to start your CPL training, you need to have a Private Pilot Licence completed.

The following estimate is based on Transport Canada minimums.

Item Hours $/hour Total (CAD)
Airplane rental (Dry) 65 110 $7,150
Instructor 35 70 $2,450
Simulator rental 10 30 $300
Ground briefing 20 70 $1,400
Total before taxes
Total including taxes     $11,300
Additional costs
Ground school 80 450
Books 300
Medical exam 200
Flight test examiner fee 450
Written test fee 105
TC licensing fee 55
Total     $12,860

Fuel cost for flight training vary and is billed based on fuel rate at the pump.
On average, the airplane burns 30 Liters/hour of Avgas at $2/Liter. So $60/h of flight.
Add around $4,000 for fuel cost.

Duration and cost of the training may vary. Contact us for an estimate!