Ground School

To obtain a pilot permit or a license, Transport Canada requires a student to pass a written exam. Some ratings also require to pass a written test.
F&G Aviation offers different ways of studying towards those exams. We can prepare you during a formal groundschool, with others students sitting in the same room.
But the best way to prepare yourself, in our opinion, is to self study. This enables you to work at your own pace, managing your own time, learning at your convenience.
We will help you with difficult topics but you stay in charge of your learning! Plus, you have the choice of using books, online training, one on one lessons with an instructor, or a combination of those.
Despite self-studying being more flexible, you can’t do whatever you want though! Your learning has to be followed and guided by a competent instructor…


  • Groundchool Seminars (minimum number of participants required)
  • Webinars/Videoconference
  • Online Courses
  • Books and Tools

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