F&G, Fabienne & Greg, the owners/founders of F&G Aviation.

Fabienne held different positions with multiple Air Cargo companies or small flight schools, taking care of the Quality Assurance, the coordination of the maintenance or administrative/marketing duties.
She is the tech savvy of the team and the Person Responsible for Maintenance Coordination for F&G Aviation.

Greg started to fly ultralights in France before his training in Manitoba in 2008-2009. He instructed mainly PPL’s and CPL’s for 1.5 years before moving on and teaching Multi IFR at Perimeter Aviation out of Winnipeg.
In 2012 he became a Phase1 instructor on the Grob120A for the CFFTS contract between KF Aerospace Defence Programs and the RCAF, out of Southport, Mb.
Gaining his equivalent of a military instructor qualification, he was part of the selection and basic flying training of all RCAF candidate pilots. He then proceeded to be dual qualified on the Grob120A and the KingAir C90B to teach Multi IFR in a military environment.
Greg is a class1 instructor and class1 aerobatic instructor, with an ATPL and experience flying as captain on a PC12-45 and NG. He also enjoys his float rating and a bit of ski flying when he got a chance to practice…

Together, they bring their passion for aviation and their previous experience in different fields, to make F&G Aviation an easy-to-deal-with training solution. They want to share their vision of simple, no frills flying!