Portage North – CJZ2

Our main base of operation is Portage North aerodrome.
The aerodrome is privately owned and managed by the Portage Flying Club. As a member of the Portage Flying Club, we use the club facilities and fuel tanks.

The 3 grass runways offer lots of options for training: crosswind landings or short and soft field techniques are easily practiced!


During winter, the main runway is cleared off the snow and can be used for training.

Portage North is the ideal uncontrolled airport to experience grassroots flying. This small aerodrome is typical of many in Canada and offer a lot of freedom and lots of opportunities to learn!

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Southport – CYPG

Just couple miles away, on the other side of the city, Southport airport is a former Canadian Forces Base, now operated commercially.

It is home of the 3 Canadian Forces Flight Training School and provide flight training for all RCAF pilots. It’s a busy aiport during the week with multiple types of aircraft flying from small piston single engine airplanes to twin turbine helicopters.

The airport is opened to the public with some restrictions. It is very well maintained all year around. The 3 paved runways have lights and all necessary equipment to conduct the full range of IFR approaches.

F&G Aviation is using this airport for all night and IFR training.

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Let’s experience the best of both worlds: a quiet aerodrome and a more professional airport. Both will enhance your piloting skills!